Get the full lowdown on IFSA’s Cornerstone Capital Private Equity Fund. Discover all the ways we shine a guiding light on the world of private equity.

Investing in private equity is one thing. Learning how to select the private equity fund that’s right for your specific requirements is another. At IFSA, our main aim has always been to shine a guiding light on the world of private equity funds and help both individuals and firms secure results that far outweigh any traditional returns.

We have over 60 years of combined experience in the investment arena – actively seeking out pockets of excellence. The Cornerstone Capital Private Equity Fund presents such a window of opportunity, helping investors, IFAs and SMMEs maximise their own, unique potential.

Join us as we continue to unravel the mystery of the private equity space, shining light on the myriad of topics impacting investors, fund managers, and new entrants into the market.

private equity fund
Private equity consists of investors who finance a handpicked portfolio of privately owned companies.

Defining private equity

Private equity means capital ‘not listed on public markets’. It consists of investors and other funds that finance a handpicked portfolio of privately owned companies.

Private equity can also be classified as an alternative investment, which means it is not publicly traded and not as volatile as mainstream markets. Returns on private equity investing are generally much higher than traditional routes and are slowly starting to attract mainstream attention.

The goal with every new investment is to create a thriving enterprise that can deliver better returns for all stakeholders.

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Unpacking the Cornerstone Capital Fund

The Cornerstone Capital Fund consists of two derivatives: the local private equity (PE) fund, and the international offshore fund. Together, they form the foundation of all IFSA’s investment activities. The first prioritises business in South Africa while the other focuses on global market opportunities.

The Cornerstone Capital Fund is available to high net-worth individuals, institutional investors, and other investment funds that seek to grow their capital at a steady rate with low market volatility.

The profile of the fund is independent of systemic market volatility. It offers investors who do not have the expertise or networks a unique opportunity to invest directly in private investment products as an asset class which are not easily accessible in the marketplace.