In addition to finding experienced wealth management firms to partner with, financial advisers are subject to routine battles with securing the highest possible returns for clients – wealth management. One of the best way to increase clients’ returns is for IFAs to partner with educated, experienced firms that can ensure that the asset they advise their clients on actually performs according to expectation.

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 top tips for enhancing your offering to clients as an independent financial adviser.

1. Know what really matters to your clients

It pays to invest more time and energy into knowing your customers better. Only they can lead you to more business within your vertical. Understanding what matters to your clients will help you provide a valuable service. In turn, this results in stronger relationships and new sales through positive word-of-mouth.

In addition, be careful not to venture too far into a space of assumption – even if you have known your clients for several years.

Misalignment is more than just an annoyance to clients and can damage trust in the relationship.

Strategic misalignment occurs when operational initiatives do not align with defined outcomes. Experienced wealth managers know this and guard against drifting off target any way they can. In addition to delivering on set expectations, customers value knowledgeability, good communication and listening skills, friendliness, a positive attitude, honesty, consistency, promptness, and personal attention.

2. Invest in your professional growth

There exists little doubt that a higher qualification will set you apart from peers and that any additional learning will ultimately benefit clients.

Keep in mind, though, that further studies is just one way to explore in your journey of always-on learning, and it involves significant challenges like juggling work, clients, studies, and family life.

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