Founder and CEO of RecruitMyMom and RecruitAGraduate, Phillipa Geard has a keen eye for demographic groups unjustly excluded from the economy. She has tenaciously championed the cause of mothers seeking to return to the workforce and young people struggling to start careers.

While she sees her work as profoundly purpose-driven, her efforts aren’t motivated solely by social concerns but above all by the firm belief that businesses are losing out on the skills that can take them forward today and tomorrow.

During the second IFSA Prosperity Session on 9 August 2022, Phillipa sat down with IFSA CEO Frikkie van Loggerenberg to talk about how by leaning into what makes us human, we can learn to capitalise on underlying opportunities that yield attractive, long-term results.

We’ve cherrypicked some of the best lightbulb moments on flexibility in the workplace and investing in people.